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Amberly & Brian | Moorings Country Club Wedding | Vero Beach FL

A Wedding by Binaryflips Photography | Design & Planning by Lara’s Theme

Ceremony at St. Sebastian Catholic Church | Reception at Moorings Country Club in Vero Beach

Cinematography by Steadfast Weddings¬†| Floral Design: Lara’s Theme | Paper: Peach Leaf Paperie

Cars: Hot Rayz Limo | Cakes: Sandra’s Cakes | Cake Pops: Frostings | Linens & Chairs: Eventmakers

DJ: EMG Entertainment | Jazz Player: Antonio | Cigar: David Rodriguez | Photo Booth: Strike a Pose

Day of Program Numbers: After a while crocodile | Hair: Vero Beach White Orchid & Spa

Makeup: Amber Pastir

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